n. a pair of people or things.

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Do you remember?

Riding to the water early in the morning rolling down the truck window, with the early morning dew hitting your nose with such a punch that you couldn't help but crack a smile a country mile wide. It was so thick you could almost smell all the fish you would catch that day. We love those days and the people we share them with. Our Story

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Here's to the Duos

The duo who you share a cold one with on the sand bar during low-tide. The duo that you get skunked, bug bitten, and sunburned with and still have a hell of a time. The duo you go hundreds of miles offshore with, forgetting to check the weather, and slugging out a nasty storm all the way back home in the middle of the night.

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We've got some stories to tell

From riding in grandpas pickup to the pond, to chasing fish on the South Platte, we have made memories all across the United States and beyond. Memories with people that we won't forget. With our grandparents, our pops, our best friends, that salty old guy from the pier, and the people you can count on to be up for anything. Stories

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